Game review: Ghost Hunt

From somewhere in the room, there is a spectral snigger.

Summary: Ghost Hunt is a thrilling and immersive ghost-hunting experience that masterfully combines suspense and playfulness. The variety of inspectable items, paired with excellent writing, adds depth and complexity. The taunting comments from the ghost, add a playful and interactive element, making the ghost’s personality shine through and providing humorous moments.

Introduction to the game

Are you ready to face the unknown and hunt down a ghost in a room full of mystery and suspense, where the ghost could be hiding anywhere? Welcome to “Ghost gunt”, an immersive ghost-hunting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The silence of the room is broken only by the steady ticking of a clock (figuratively). With only a torchlight to guide you, every shadow and piece of clutter could be hiding the ghost you’re searching for. As expert ghost hunters Pootle, Brown, and Elk suggest, the key to success is in the details. Each item you inspect could either bring you closer to discovering the ghost’s hiding place or lead you astray. Keep your eyes peeled for subtle hints and clues that could point you in the right direction. A nice map that can be toggled is also present, to aid you in visualizing the room and where you are. The game was made for the Locus Jam which has as its main rule, “The Setting of the game must be confined to a single building/location”. The player can also toggle to show the ghost location when you lose, use relative directions (versus absolute directions), enable easier mode (because it can be difficult) and lastly, the ghost gives more clues and is less frustrated (which is convenient because time can run out!).

My opinion

This ghost hunt is a thrilling and immersive experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The game excels in creating a tense and eerie atmosphere while keeping it playful, with the ticking clock and the puff of your breath in the chilly air adding to the suspense. The variety of items you can inspect is truly impressive, and each one adds to the depth and complexity of the game, paired with great writing that uses just enough purple prose to make it perfect and enjoyable.

What really sets this game apart are the taunting comments from the ghost. These “spectral sniggers” and playful jibes add a layer of interaction that keeps you on your toes and enhances the feeling of being in a genuine ghost hunt. The ghost’s personality shines through as an annoying brat, making it even more fun when you do happen to lose because you want to find it and prove you can win. I had some good laughs because of this.

Another aspect I loved is how the game keeps track of your wins and losses. This feature adds a competitive edge and a sense of progression, motivating you to keep playing until you are at least one point ahead of the ghost. The ghost-eye meter is a great addition, providing a visual cue to manage your time effectively and adding to the overall tension.

The clues hidden within the items are cleverly designed, requiring you to pay close attention and think critically about each decision. This not only makes the game challenging but also incredibly rewarding when you finally uncover the ghost’s hiding spot!

As for the mini-map, it’s a great feature, however, I am sometimes really confused when looking at it, it does help, but sometimes I expect to go to one place, but I end up much further or to the opposite of what I was aiming for. After playing several hunting rounds, I have a better picture of the room in my minds eye which helps a lot, but for the first few rounds, the room can be a bit daunting to navigate.

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