Sleepover Rules

An interactive text-based horror game

HTML5 Game

Accessible to any device that has a browser, and has an internet connection. Fully playable with minimum specifications, simply start the game and watch the world unfold in front of your eyes. Compatible with all newer browser versions, and most older versions if not all.

Interactive Fiction

An immersive story set in a familiar world, at first glance the game might seem shallow, but the more you explore the house and the deeper you entwine your thoughts with those of the characters the more you will come to understand that still waters run deep. The story adapts itself to choices you can make throughout the game, whether you like it or not.

Quests and Lore

For those who wish to emerge themselves in this world and delve into the truth of what truly happened in the story, there are many side quests and hidden gems waiting to be found. Collect ghosts and curios inside your diary and feel your own sanity change beyond recognition.

Sjoerd Hekking

Lover of Horror and Interactive Fiction

Sjoerd is in active development of his latest game "Sleepover Rules", besides creating this interactive text-based horror game, he also likes to read. His biggest dream is to create a community in which people can discuss horror based on rules and give them a safe space to enjoy what they share in common.