Sjoerd Hekking

A place for interactive horror and fiction

Sjoerd is in active development of his latest game "Sleepover Rules", besides creating this interactive text-based horror game, he also likes to read. His biggest dream is to create a community in which people can discuss horror based on rules and give them a safe space to enjoy what they share in common.


In my free time, I love to write little stories or concepts for games, but most of them end up gathering dust, as for Sleep Overrules I decided I wanted to publish it. I hope to create more games or short fiction in the (near) future.


A great portion of the day I spend behind the computer due to my study, most of this time is spent on learning, but when I see a little break or gap in my schedule I jump to reading H.P. Lovecraft or subreddits, including: "Nosleep" and "RulesHorror".


One of my other hobbies would be spending time in nature, either walking through forests or meadows, I love it all. When I have a vacation or a short break from university I try to explore other cities or countries with friends or family. I am currently a biology student, so that would explain a lot.

“The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”