Sleepover Rules

You have been invited to the sleepover, this isn’t your typical girls night with chit-chat. Rather a mysterious boy invited you over to his house, his name? Doesn’t matter. Your name? Only if you could remember it. Will you be able to survive the night, or will you find yourself waking up to death?


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Sleepover rules is a short adventure with a specific set of rules to follow. You are invited to a friend’s house, he hosts a sleepover and you agreed to come. Soon you start to realize that these rules are not a formality but rather a necessary key to surviving the sleepover. As you descent deeper into the house and all of its rooms you find yourself questioning your sanity and if you will ever see your home again.

Death is more than just a dream in which you can’t wake up, sometimes the dream is endless and realistic, sometimes it’s just a reawakening of the truth. Are you the first to sleepover at the house? Will you survive, or become part of the dream?

Holy cow, that was such a pleasant surprise. The way the story immediately creates such an unnerving mood and how it progresses is so much eerie fun.

Jules McCloud